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Ready for spring?  Let’s clean! 
Spring has sprung- well sort of! It’s hard to tell as I look out my window at the inevitable Midwestern spring snowfall.  Grrrr!  In my heart and on my calendar it is spring which means it is time to shake out the cobwebs and conquer the clutter that the dark days of winter hid from sight.  I’ve scoured the web for spring cleaning tips and tricks.   
Salvation inside the Big Fish
Like Jonah, I was swirled and swept under water by the waves.  I was up, down, and struggling to breathe; getting tired really fast. 
Because…I would know…
Heather Smith
Golf is the four-letter word of sports. Growing up playing golf does something to you. Something deep.
St. Patrick’s Day History, Traditions and Irish Food
Guest Author
St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates? His name was Maewyn Succat? Why are there no snakes in Ireland? Also, what are some good Irish recipes? and don’t forget dessert!!
For Better or for Worse: During the Worse.
There was yelling, there was cursing, and kitchen cupboard doors being slammed—the argument? Something rather minor and nonsensical. It happened really fast; from 0 to 100 in about 2 minutes.

God, Love, Life, Repeat...