Proverbs 31: Full Confidence

It started with an awkward question to my  husband:  Do you have full confidence in me? Is there an area where you lack confidence in me?

It took a while to get the answer;

September 12 and Beyond

Those of us that remember September 11 know exactly what we were doing when we heard that planes flew through buildings.  We remember the shock, the feeling of helplessness, the mind-blowing pictures on TV screens.
But do we remember?
Do we remember the changes in our country on September 12 and beyond?

A Collection of my Favorite “Life Hacks”

I wanted to sleep better, eat better, be more organized, etc.  So like a true scientist, I spent a lot of time researching these serious matters on Pinterest. Now, I made a huge list of things that could help me—“Life Hacks”.  Of course, I haven’t done most of them or some are just too much work; however, I have found that a few help me out a lot. So I wanted to share.