He is Risen

From the very beginning, God knew that we would fall and He had a plan:

Embracing Imperfection

By Angie
Many people could quickly think of how they screwed up, but it took more thought and effort to come up with successes. Surprised? After giving it some thought, I was glad to share with her a heartfelt list. It made me think. Even though we are full of goofs, it’s ok. We are still valuable and loved. Why? I’ll show ya…

Salvation inside the Big Fish

Like Jonah, I was swirled and swept under water by the waves.  I was up, down, and struggling to breathe; getting tired really fast. 

I think I am a Tailbone

Maybe I am the Coccyx (tailbone), or the Plica semilunaris (Third Eyelid) or, a cuboid (bone in the foot).  I think some of you are a cuticle, maybe a kidney, how about an eye?

Okay, before you guys think I have gone bonkers, let me explain.

Season of Waiting

We want our money and want it now, we want our food freaky fast, we want to do it with just one click. In my experience, speed comes at a cost– sometimes it is extra unhealthy carbs, high interest rates, or not reading the fine print.

Spirit of Christmas

Last week, I talked about Holiday Stress. It is so easy to become stressed that we forget the Spirit of Christmas.  However, instead of writing about it, I wanted to show you with some videos that have been inspiring to me.  Please Enjoy:

Refiner of Silver

The woman was silent for a moment. Then she asked the silversmith, “How do you know when the silver is fully refined?”                                    

He smiled at her and answered, “Oh, that’s easy -when I see my image in it.”