YES!! Another dessert!!

Well, SUMMER is upon us!! The kids are out of school, the grills are hot and we shuffle to an array of graduation parties, birthday parties, kid’s parties, etc.  If you gals haven’t noticed, I love desserts!!  I have another one for you; it’s easy but impressive.

Do your kiss your mama with that mouth?

“I will wash your mouth with soap”—I remember the nun (I went to Catholic school) saying that to one of my 9-year-old classmates in response to her saying a “bad” word.

I’m annoyed at Jesus

I just get so annoyed at Jesus! Not in general, but in specific. Yes, that Mary & Martha story again. Come on already!
Here’s my version of the story in Luke 10:38-42: Jesus shows up, unannounced, with at least 12 guys in tow. You know they walked there, right?!? So, when a group of men walk somewhere, you know they are hungry! This small crowd of hungry men tromp in her house and Jesus starts teaching them some stuff….