Your Words Are Like Apples

by Tonja Taylor  

God says many things about words in the Bible and even compares them to apples, as He does in Proverbs 25:11: “Winsome words spoken at just the right time are as appealing as apples gilded in gold and surrounded with silver.” 

Wet Mask

I’m wearing a wet mask…

Four months.  Four months since I’ve seen some of these faces except through a screen and now I only get to see half of their faces.  From 6 feet away.  Every other pew.

Guard Your Heart from Fear-mongering 

Outside of arachnophobia, there are thousands of little fears that we carry as human beings.  Fears that in reality have a high improbability of hurting us, but regardless, they have huge effects on our actions, thoughts, words, time, habits, money, etc. 

You Scream, I Scream

Summer is here and it is hot! One of my favorite treats has always been ice cream. It is cold, smooth and satisfying on a hot, humid summer day (or cold winter day when I am dreaming of summer). Sadly, dairy decided it was no longer my friend. Thankfully, I found other frozen delicacies that help satisfy that craving for an icy, delicious treat. Grocery store non-dairy desserts can get spendy, so I have experimented with different homemade versions of “nice” cream. These are similar to a dessert found at a very famous mouse theme park but a lot cheaper! And it is fruit, so a healthy option.