Sugar and God 

by Anne O’Donnell   

Sugar and God.. 

What could these two possibly have in common? 

He is Risen…Indeed! 

by Delia Latham   
He is risen – and we are saved! 
Let’s tell our children that story. Let’s make sure they know that Jesus loves them enough not only to die, but to rise again. 

The Perfect Weed Control 

by Antje Hill

No matter how God-like we want to be, a little neglect is all it takes for weeds to take root in our life. Less than Christ-like characteristics can creep in slowly with no warning.

Five Minutes 

by Angie Clayton
I was watching the grandbabies the other day….
Angie Clayton is a freelance writer. She writes from her experiences with warmth and humor. She is lives in Kansas with her husband, and has two grown children and three small grandchildren who provide much of her inspiration!