Holiday Stress

It is that time of the year again. I have a Christmas Party or Dinner on almost every weekend. Do we go to my husband’s family Christmas party first? And then my parents? Which church do we go to celebrate Christmas? I have to buy presents…..

Eat, Repeat…

A Pinterest Collection of all our recipes since we started this Blog. Featuring a Healthy Date Shake, Thanksgiving Recipes, Several Desserts, Holiday Recipes and many more…

Delicious Date Shake

It is creamy, sweet and exotic; the perfect treat to take me back to a fantastic vacation with my favorite people.

Focus on The Whatevers…

“FOCUS!  Breathe…ok, now PUUUUUUSH!”

“Focus on a small point in front of you and it will help your balance.”

“Focus in the distance and it helps keep you in the middle of the road.”

“Focus on your homework.”

This is Halloween

Where does it come from? What is it originally for? Why is Halloween celebrated so differently across cultures? and Why are Christians all over the board when it comes to celebrating it?
I am not here to pick a side and answer the question “Should Christians celebrate Halloween?” Rather look at its history, its current application, and why it is so hard to answer the should or shouldn’t question.