Are you less? Or more?

“She is so beautiful,” I thought.  Nothing fancy, just her regular self, but it was a thought I’ve found recurring in my mind more and more as I watched different friends in animated conversation. What do your friends think of you? I’m finding that many times, they think of me more than I think of me. More…

Orange Sweet Bread Braids

Recipe by Carolina
Don’t let the braids fool you: this recipe is so, so easy to make, and it suited everyone’s taste (a remarkable feat in my family). Within a day, both of the large braids where gone!

I Choose Joy

In this age of fast food, fast technology, Instagram likes and Facebook shares, far too many people are waiting for joy to be a “state of” that is “evoked by”. Well, sisters, I want to give you a new definition, from a reliable source:  “Milo’s Webster”