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You Scream, I Scream
Summer is here and it is hot! One of my favorite treats has always been ice cream.  It is cold, smooth and satisfying on a hot, humid summer day (or cold winter day when I am dreaming of summer).  Sadly, dairy decided it was no longer my friend.  Thankfully, I found other frozen delicacies that…
The Solution to Differences: Water Balloons 
Heather Smith
 I wish I could put a bucket of water balloons out on social media. 
Tips from a First Year College Student: Fake Recipes, Lab Goggles, and Other Things I Learned in My First Year of Cooking
Guest Author
By Carolina Gutierrez. Cooking became a matter of optimizing: how can I get the most nutritional bang-for-my-buck without sacrificing enjoyment and flavor? So, below are some important things I learned in the past few months:
Back to Normal? Depression and Anxiety after Quarantine  
Everything feels uneasy; it is weird trying to get back to normal—it is actually giving me anxiety. Even more anxiety than when everything was closing.  Part of my anxiety is not knowing how to act, is it appropriate to go a restaurant? Should I have small gathering with my friends? Do I wear a mask if I am invited into someone’s house?   Are we ready? What if there is a second wave?

God, Love, Life, Repeat...