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If I only knew….
Heather Smith
In general, I try to live my life without regrets.  I try to invest in relationships and not take things for granted.  But this year…   You know what I mean.  I don’t have to tell you.  Even though I may never meet you, I can imagine that at some time in the last 8 months, you have looked out a window and also said to yourself, “If I only knew.” 
Love, Life, Repeat..Thanksgiving Edition
Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Happy  Thanksgiving to you and your family.  Here is some of our favorite Thanksgiving posts from the past years
Thanksgiving, Together Once More 
Guest Author
by Pam Ford Davis  .  “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;  For His faithfulness is everlasting .”  On Thanksgiving mornings, he opened the door to the formal entry room to our house (used only for storage). Taking a turkey from the frigid room, he carried it to Mom in the kitchen. 
Soup sounds good right about now…
Who could use a hug? Warm soup is like a comforting hug from the inside. I love soup anytime but when the weather starts to cool, the cravings begin. My mind turns to thoughts of velvety bisques and brothy veggie packed bowls of deliciousness.
Don’t be a jerk
“It’s going to get ugly, my friends, really ugly.”  I think we are going to reach the climax of that ugliness; this whole week is going to be really nasty regardless of who wins.