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Fashion Tips: Apple-shaped & Pear-shaped Bodies
Guest Author
Post by Sue Russell. If you are an apple shape, you carry your weight in your midsection area. A classic example of an apple ….
Sometimes I Remember
Heather Smith
And…when I do see them?  When I share in laughs and stories, when we talk about troubles or share advice…I remember.  I remember that I miss them.
Old Testament: Did it happen?
“The Old Testament is mostly symbolism….it didn’t (couldn’t) actually happen”   Have you ever heard that statement before?  I have heard it several times but hadn’t given it much thought. 
A Mint of Mint
Have you ever had something that you just couldn’t get rid of? No matter how hard you try to yank it out of your life, it just grows back even bigger! It’s pervasive, invasive and relentless: MINT!

God, Love, Life, Repeat...