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A Prayer for All Fathers
Father, today we also honor all earthly fathers, and so Jesus we lift up fathers everywhere this day – especially:   
Becoming … 
Guest Author
by Jennifer Cardinal   
Everyone loves a story of transformation. We think of the caterpillar changing into a butterfly. This fuzzy little creature that now takes flight and children marvel at we too want a life like this. We want a story to tell of how we have been transformed. 
Life can be challenging, leaving us weary and wondering what it’s going to take to feel restored again.
I Love Burgers! 
 It is one of my favorite foods in the world. However, I am very picky; I don’t like frozen burgers or pre-made burgers, and I only like to grill them.  As summer approaches, I see a lot of burgers in my the near future.
Over the years, I started experimenting with different ways to make the patty and different sauces. I want to share some of my favorite recipes. 
What to Pray When There’s Nothing to Say 
Guest Author
by Abby Kelly   
  One of the most puzzling aspects of internalizing and living out the truth of Christ’s finished work on the cross is how to pray. I mean, if it’s all been done, if He’s already working things out for my good, if He already knows my need and He’s already accomplished what concerns me, what’s left to say?