Hey Sweets!

Some days (ok – most days) I crave something sweet.  Typically, a small bite of chocolate will do the trick to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Other days, well, those times require a more decadent treat: warm, gooey, rich chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven.  Even better is a skillet cookie for two baked in my favorite vintage mini cast iron skillet. 

Fear in the Last Quarter

Stop and change my way of thinking, otherwise my mind goes dark and my heart hurts. It is during those times that I have to lean the most on the Word of God. In this case I read, pray and mediate over Romans 8.

He is Risen…Indeed! 

by Delia Latham   
He is risen – and we are saved! 
Let’s tell our children that story. Let’s make sure they know that Jesus loves them enough not only to die, but to rise again.