Yes! I love a scoop of ice cream with that!!

I LOVE BREAD PUDDING!! It is one of my favorite desserts to eat, especially with a large scoop of ice-cream. It’s easy and a good way to get rid of old or stale bread.
I want to share my favorite recipe (passed down from a recipe card my mom gave me) and a couple other recipes that I have found to be delicious.

Martha, Martha, Martha

In my house, when we have company coming over my family braces themselves for the whirlwind. There are two rules: stay out of Mom’s way and don’t get caught sitting down. I’ve planned, prepped, chopped, prepared and cleaned. There are lists to check and things to do! Can a woman get a little help here? This is where Martha found herself.

I’m Not Worth It

“You have an unlimited budget for lingerie,” my husband told me as I headed out for a much overdue shopping trip. I jokingly told my friend this and she took it serious. She proceeded to pick out a few things that, according to her, I “could totally pull off!”