Season of Waiting

We want our money and want it now, we want our food freaky fast, we want to do it with just one click. In my experience, speed comes at a cost– sometimes it is extra unhealthy carbs, high interest rates, or not reading the fine print.


What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Annoying Donations? WHAT?!?

It’s December and I’m kind of annoyed.  Every day, my email inbox and my mailbox alike are full of requests for donations. My social media feed is full of Random Acts of Kindness and causes to give to and mushy good stories.  What the…?!? The reason I’m annoyed… …is because I’m wondering where all of this…

Spirit of Christmas

Last week, I talked about Holiday Stress. It is so easy to become stressed that we forget the Spirit of Christmas.  However, instead of writing about it, I wanted to show you with some videos that have been inspiring to me.  Please Enjoy: