Embracing Imperfection

By Angie
Many people could quickly think of how they screwed up, but it took more thought and effort to come up with successes. Surprised? After giving it some thought, I was glad to share with her a heartfelt list. It made me think. Even though we are full of goofs, it’s ok. We are still valuable and loved. Why? I’ll show ya…

Ready for spring?  Let’s clean! 

Spring has sprung- well sort of! It’s hard to tell as I look out my window at the inevitable Midwestern spring snowfall.  Grrrr!  In my heart and on my calendar it is spring which means it is time to shake out the cobwebs and conquer the clutter that the dark days of winter hid from sight.  I’ve scoured the web for spring cleaning tips and tricks.   

Because…I would know…

Golf is the four-letter word of sports. Growing up playing golf does something to you. Something deep.

Valentine’s Day Desserts

Desserts by Carolina. Valentine’s Day is just around the Corner. I am not a baker but its the one time I love making desserts. Here are some delicious desserts are sure to make your Valentine’s Day a sweet one.

New Year’s Diet

Did you abandon your New Year’s Diet yet? That’s the problem with diets: they take a lot of work, they aren’t any fun and they are hard to maintain.

Apparently, my family needs to eat every, single day. I think I would like cooking if I only had to do it a couple times a week.

Mexican Chocolate Atole (Hot Chocolate)

Time to take down all of the Christmas decorations, and my very dry Christmas tree (that is shedding more than my cat).  Honestly, this is my least favorite time of the year; right after Christmas, it tends to get really cold and snowy. However, one of my favorite things to make during this time is Chocolate Atole or Mexican Hot Chocolate.  

Holiday Stress

It is that time of the year again. I have a Christmas Party or Dinner on almost every weekend. Do we go to my husband’s family Christmas party first? And then my parents? Which church do we go to celebrate Christmas? I have to buy presents…..