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2022:My Soul magnifies the Lord 
I have been feeling very down lately; not just with the external uncertainties but also with internal uncertainties happening in my life. It was during one of my slumps that I watched the Christmas Special of the Chosen “The Messengers”.
My feelings reflect more a random group of dwarves...
Celebrating Christmas without being a Grinch 
 I am not a fan of Santa. It drives me crazy when I see Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. 
I like to consider myself a traditionalist, Christmas season goes from December 25th to January 6th –but my friends and coworkers jokily call me the Grinch.  
Tis The Season 
Guest Author
by Antje Hill 
 The changing season reminds me of things to come!  As a child I loved Thanksgiving.  There was always food we had only on holidays such as turkey and dressing and pecan pie. That was a sure reminder that Christmas was just around the corner