What makes you who you are?
We string together experiences and lessons one by one like pearls. Some are born out of irritants, but they help us develop many beautiful layers of strength and courage. Others are timeless gifts of wisdom graciously given by those closest to us.

For Better or for Worse: During the Worse.

There was yelling, there was cursing, and kitchen cupboard doors being slammed—the argument? Something rather minor and nonsensical. It happened really fast; from 0 to 100 in about 2 minutes.

“Will you pray for me?”

I often struggle when I see people respond to this question.  Are they really praying?  Is it just a nice thing we say to one another to make us feel better?  Do we really believe in the power of prayer? 

My Daughter the Addict-A Suburban Mom’s Nightmare

By Guest Author: Katie Donovan.
I am very ashamed of my thoughts now. I never really had a “real” exposure to addiction. What I saw was what was pictured in the movies, or on TV. We lived in the suburbs where “that just didn’t happen around here”.


What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Annoying Donations? WHAT?!?

It’s December and I’m kind of annoyed.  Every day, my email inbox and my mailbox alike are full of requests for donations. My social media feed is full of Random Acts of Kindness and causes to give to and mushy good stories.  What the…?!? The reason I’m annoyed… …is because I’m wondering where all of this…

This is Halloween

Where does it come from? What is it originally for? Why is Halloween celebrated so differently across cultures? and Why are Christians all over the board when it comes to celebrating it?
I am not here to pick a side and answer the question “Should Christians celebrate Halloween?” Rather look at its history, its current application, and why it is so hard to answer the should or shouldn’t question.

Wearing my Funeral Clothes

It seems I’ve had the opportunity to wear my funeral clothes a bit more often lately.  Sigh.  Death is a part of life.  “Then man goes to his eternal home and mourners go about the streets.” (Ecclesiastes 12:5)

I got you on that one… you thought I was going to quote the “time to be born and time to die” verse from Ecclesiastes 3.  Well, that one is applicable too, I suppose.  We all have a time to die, but let’s look at the mourners:

I am a mourner.