Get off your Rear

Are you praying for a miracle?  Did it ever occur to you that maybe God wants you to be a part of it your very self? 

A Hug on Paper

I don’t recognize the writing.  I don’t recognize the return address.  I rip open the envelope that came in the snail mail to find a hug on paper. There wasn’t a long note inside.  Just a small quote and it was signed “thinking of you this week.”   

Because…I would know…

Golf is the four-letter word of sports. Growing up playing golf does something to you. Something deep.

“Will you pray for me?”

I often struggle when I see people respond to this question.  Are they really praying?  Is it just a nice thing we say to one another to make us feel better?  Do we really believe in the power of prayer? 

New Year’s Diet

Did you abandon your New Year’s Diet yet? That’s the problem with diets: they take a lot of work, they aren’t any fun and they are hard to maintain.

Apparently, my family needs to eat every, single day. I think I would like cooking if I only had to do it a couple times a week.

Annoying Donations? WHAT?!?

It’s December and I’m kind of annoyed.  Every day, my email inbox and my mailbox alike are full of requests for donations. My social media feed is full of Random Acts of Kindness and causes to give to and mushy good stories.  What the…?!? The reason I’m annoyed… …is because I’m wondering where all of this…

Focus on The Whatevers…

“FOCUS!  Breathe…ok, now PUUUUUUSH!”

“Focus on a small point in front of you and it will help your balance.”

“Focus in the distance and it helps keep you in the middle of the road.”

“Focus on your homework.”

Wearing my Funeral Clothes

It seems I’ve had the opportunity to wear my funeral clothes a bit more often lately.  Sigh.  Death is a part of life.  “Then man goes to his eternal home and mourners go about the streets.” (Ecclesiastes 12:5)

I got you on that one… you thought I was going to quote the “time to be born and time to die” verse from Ecclesiastes 3.  Well, that one is applicable too, I suppose.  We all have a time to die, but let’s look at the mourners:

I am a mourner.

September 12 and Beyond

Those of us that remember September 11 know exactly what we were doing when we heard that planes flew through buildings.  We remember the shock, the feeling of helplessness, the mind-blowing pictures on TV screens.
But do we remember?
Do we remember the changes in our country on September 12 and beyond?

Are you less? Or more?

“She is so beautiful,” I thought.  Nothing fancy, just her regular self, but it was a thought I’ve found recurring in my mind more and more as I watched different friends in animated conversation. What do your friends think of you? I’m finding that many times, they think of me more than I think of me. More…