Life’s Living Moments 

by Annie Abraham  

How many “living” moments did you experience today, in the last week or one month? Can’t remember! True because most of us are so busy trying to live a life that what we are actually doing is not living but trying to catch up. Because we are conditioned to believe that if we catch up now, we can live later. Alas, not to be.
Step back, sit down, and take a deep breath. The world is still going on as usual. Nothing changed because you took a breather.
When did you last take time to smell a flower, walk barefoot on dewy grass, enjoy a baby’s gurgle, or just plain enjoyed the aroma and flavor of your coffee? I hear you saying, “Gee, I don’t remember”.

Life is fast-paced and never-ending. It’s a list of to-do things that begins and never ends.
There is no recipe for being a perfect daughter or son or parent or partner. These roles have evolved over the ages and still will evolve. What the world needs is more love, more care, more safety, and above all, more loving people around. God may be busy at times but He has so thoughtfully made You and Me to be his messengers of love, peace, and care.
You can smile at someone who least expects it. Give your kid an unexpected hug, hold your partner’s hand, call your parents, or send someone a nice message. Go ahead, do this and many such small gestures. You can rest assured that you have planted a smile on someone’s soul
Go start counting your tender moments. Trust me, soon you will have many! 

Annie Abraham Verghis 


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