Happy New Year? In September?

While January 1 marks a new year on the calendar, the First Day of School marks a new year for most of America.

Even those without school age children run in this pattern of enjoying rest in the summer and ready to jump into the excitement and routine the fall brings.

This year, as an increasing number of students put their bottoms in chairs after being virtual for so long, uncertainty is high.

Will this year bring the chaos and change that last year did? Can I count on my administration or schoolboard to follow through with what they have promised? Will my child be safe at school? Will Normal even be a thing? For how long?

Mamas and Dads and Grandparents watch babies climb on busses or walk through school doorsand feel their hearts go with them. The lumps in their throats and the pit in their stomachs area little bigger this year.

While these transition moments for Kindergarteners and Middle Schoolers and Freshmen is normal, this year, there are two grades experiencing something new
at each level. Our hearts are aching for more reasons that just the marked passage of time.
The uncertainty brings anxiety.

The anxiety breeds anger and resentment at all these tall babies have lost. School parking lots and drop off lanes will be insane. Traffic will be unbearable. Tempers will flare.

Deep breaths. Extend a little grace.

Those Mamas and Dads and Grandparents feel what you do. Let’s all love each other by responding with a smile and a wave.

Stuck in traffic,
Heather Smith

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