S’more Please!

Graham crackers – roasted marshmallow – chocolate.  Just three ingredients which together make absolute sticky sweet perfection.


I love them. Not only delicious but full of nostalgia.  Evoking memories of sitting around the campfire with family and friends; wonderful stories, sounds of laughter, and the smell of smoke and sugar.  I would strive to achieve the perfect golden brown roasted marshmallow but sometimes distracted ended up with something golden from the blaze instead.  I have made s’mores by the campfire, in my fireplace, over my gas stove and in the microwave. 

I may be slightly obsessed….

The beauty of s’mores is they are completely customizable.  They can be posh or simple.  The purist may think that nothing rivals the original, but be adventurous and try some of these substitutions for the classic ingredients.

Swap out graham crackers for:

Oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies, Samoas, fudge striped cookies, pizzelles, rice Krispy treats, split Oreos, chocolate graham crackers or shortbread cookies.

Swap out regular roasted marshmallows for:

Marshmallow crème, stuffed marshmallows, jumbo marshmallows, gourmet flavored or homemade marshmallows.

Swap out milk chocolate bars for:

Peanut butter cups, cookie butter, chocolate hazelnut spread, dark chocolate, peppermint patties, Ghirardelli caramel squares, or white chocolate.

Wild card – add-ins:

Strawberries, candied bacon, peanut butter, salted caramel sauce, chili powder, cinnamon, banana slices, potato chips, or jam.

Overwhelmed?  Try these combinations:

Chocolate graham cracker – peanut butter – marshmallow crème – banana slices

Pizzelle – strawberries – roasted marshmallow – chocolate hazelnut spread

Oatmeal cookie – roasted cinnamon marshmallow – white chocolate

Graham cracker – cookie butter – roasted stuffed marshmallow

Whether you stick with the classic or try a new combination, I hope you take some time to enjoy a sweet treat that just might bring back a few happy memories and build some new ones.

With love…Debbie

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