Valentine’s Day Special: Cookies and Poetry

For this Valentine’s Day we have a Special Treat!  Cookies and Poetry! 

We thank our guest bloggers Beth and Jenilia. 


by Jenilea Jamieson
Red flows from every store
Love is wrote in the snow
Promises made, songs sung
Happy girls, shy little boys

He said he love’s me mommy
He wants to marry me
To take me away on his horse
Living happily ever after

Love is such a funny thing
We base it on nothing
A feeling we have
A notion we think

Love breaks hearts and wounds the soul
Kills and maims those in its path
Fuels wars and crimes
Love we want but Love we don’t have

True Love is but a dream
A place where peace can be seen
To many, this is beyond there reach
And always will be forever more

The love I speak is not a feeling
Not a fleeting moment of time
But a faith above all in this world
In one who always knows the truth

My Savior my love
There you are, waiting for me
Together we will be, always truly
Living happily ever in thee.
by Jenilea Jamieson , 36 years old , Ontario Canada. Student at Word of life Bible institute.
I love the Lord my God with all my heart.



When you’re a food blogger you quickly become known as the treat girl. And now there are so many people that call me the treat girl that sometimes certain groups of friends start harping on me if I haven’t brought them desserts in while. Between bible study, small group, neighbors, friends, and the family I nanny for maybe I could start making a profit and offer to bring the treats to the highest bidder! Haha.

Everyone Loved These Valentine’s Cookies!

I brought these Valentine’s Day Slice N’ Bake Cookies to my women’s bible study and they loved them! First, they couldn’t believe that they were homemade, they kept asking questions about how I made them. Since the process is kind of difficult to describe in words, I created a short step by step video that does a great job at walking you through what you need to do. The ladies also commented that the flavor and texture was phenomenal, plus that they were the cutest Valentine’s Day cookies!


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