Who could use a little “Me” Time?

January is traditionally a time to hit the reset button.  After the indulgences of the holidays, the return to a normal routine is often welcome.  Many of us have goals for the new year:  physical, personal, spiritual.  How often do we think about those things not just as another “to do” but instead opportunities for self-care?  Don’t roll your eyes!  That term can be seen as selfish or indulgent, but I challenge you to see the benefits.  Not only to yourself, but for others in your world as well.  It’s hard to shine your light when your battery is low! 

Self-care is going to look different to all of us.  We don’t all have the same needs or ideas about what will recharge us.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

  • Move:  Moving your body gets your blood pumping and endorphins flowing.  Dance, skip, run, walk, stretch, parkour.  Whatever is fun for you.
  • Indulge:  Watch your favorite show or movie, eat a piece of really good chocolate, read a book.  What sounds indulgent to you?
  • Tune out:  Take a social media break and avoid the 24-hour news cycle.  Avoid reading the comments!
  • Take a minute:  Breathe.  Stop and take a deep breath.  Now let it out.  Feel better?
  • Take stock:  Think about the things you are thankful for in your life.  Write them down, or don’t, take the time to reflect.  
  • Tidy up:  Take 15 minutes and declutter one area that has been bothering you.  I am looking at you, kitchen counter.  Sock drawer, you’re next.
  • Connect:  Reach out to a friend or family member.  Wonder what your old roommate is up to?  Call or text and say “Hi!”.
  • Go outside:  Fresh air and a change of scenery can do wonders. Cold out?  Bundle up!
  • Plan:  Research a trip or outing for a future date.  Big or small, doesn’t matter.  Maybe start a Pinterest board for your dream vacation. 
  • Pamper: Give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Maybe even go to a salon and let a professional take care of it for you.
  • Prayer/meditation:  Time spent in prayer or meditation can bring you connection and peace.
  • Lighten up:  A good belly laugh can do wonders!
  • Rest:  Take a nap or go to bed early.
  • Tune up: Schedule your physical, dentist appointment or visit your chiropractor.
  • Work it out:  Schedule a massage or reflexology.

Self-care is not selfish!  It can refresh and restore us so we can be fully present in our lives; not only for ourselves but for those around us as well. Find the thing (or things) that speaks to you and give it a try. Who knows what we can accomplish with a fully charged battery!

With love, Debbie

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