Season of Giving

It’s the season of giving. 

Is it just me or are you wondering how much you have left to give?  Normally, I am all about it.  I love finding the perfect gift that will bring joy to my friends and family, but this year has taken a toll.  Many of us are spent:  financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually. 

A friend recently reminded me that despite everything negative that 2020 has brought, there is still a lot of good in life.  As she said, “We will get through this and hopefully have learned some valuable lessons about compassion and small moments of joy and a bunch more.” 

I have really smart friends.

As the end of the year draws to a close, I typically like to look back and scroll through memories from the year.  Remembering concerts, travel and celebrations with friends and family. This year’s memories are a bit different. It would be easy to focus on the negatives, the plans that were cancelled and things that I missed. But with the words of my friend in my head, it helps me to shift my focus.  What joy shined through the darkness? What have I learned this year about compassion?  Truly, I made it through this year luckier than some. I am thankful and with that in mind what can I do before the end of the year to bring some joy?  Not because I have to but because I can.

I often have great intentions that don’t go anywhere.  Can you relate?  I get sidetracked by time, distractions and fear.  Well, this year my calendar is clear, distractions are few and why am I worried about doing something nice? I’ll be honest, I don’t have a plan (which is out of character for me!) but I am pretty sure that God does.  This stirring in my heart is not by accident.  My best bet?  Stop for a minute and listen.  Pray.  Be open to what God has in store.  Listen again. Then do it!  That is a little scary, yet exciting.  There is something about turning your focus from the negative and looking up that lifts a weight from your shoulders and makes it easier to let go and give. 

Are you feeling spent?  Look up. What joy has shone through in life this year for you?  Maybe a wise and thoughtful friend, a kind word, or a need met.  Perhaps you have been the one who has shown compassion and given hope to others.  You may find that whatever you have left to give is just the right amount to bring some light in a world that can sometimes seem awfully dark.

What a gift! 

With love, Debbie

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