Breakfast Egg Roll-Up

Fall is peeking around the corner and I am excited.  I love this time of year with its promise of cooler weather, the change of season and even the return to a more structured schedule.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the carefree days of summer!  However, by September I am ready to get back on track and part of that is making sure I have a breakfast that will help fuel me for a busy day.  If you have read my posts before, it is no secret that I love breakfast.  Well, the food, not so much the time of day.  I like to sleep in as long as possible, so I need a quick meal that is warm and satisfying.  This egg roll-up fits the bill.  It does require some chopping, but you can easily prep the night before or even at the beginning of the week.  This is a blank canvas for you to use whatever you have on hand and maybe clear out some leftovers.  It is an omelet and burrito hybrid that can be eaten on the go if necessary.  What more could you ask for? 

This recipe is for one but you can scale up quite easily for your needs.  My biggest tip is to make sure all your ingredients are prepped because once you start, it goes fast!

Breakfast Egg Roll-up

1 egg, beaten and seasoned with a dash or two each of salt and garlic powder

1 TBS chopped tomato, grape tomatoes work well

1 TBS sliced green onion

1 tsp chopped jalapeno, fresh or pickled (adjust according to your spice tolerance or use your favorite variety of bell pepper to keep it on the mild side)

1 ½ TBS shredded cheese, Mexican cheese blend or your favorite

1 corn tortilla, super soft variety works well, about 6” in diameter

  1. Heat non-stick skillet on medium heat, if you don’t have a non-stick pan, lightly grease with oil or butter.  Use a pan that is similar in size to your tortilla.
  2. Pour seasoned, beaten egg into pan and swirl to coat bottom of pan
  3. Quickly top egg with tomato, green onion, jalapeno and cheese
  4. Place tortilla on top and press gently so tortilla sticks to the egg mixture
  5. Cook for a minute or two to set the egg
  6. Flip to cook tortilla side for another minute or two, be careful not to let it go for too long
  7. Transfer to a plate or cutting board and roll up tortilla.  It is very hot so be careful!

This recipe was inspired by a few different sources, Nadiya’s Time to Eat and Skinny Taste

As you can see, this is the type of recipe where you can change it up any way you like.  Don’t like corn tortillas?  Use flour.  How about a Mediterranean spin?  Try feta cheese, spinach and sundried tomato.  There are so many ways to make this yours.  I hope you enjoy experimenting and would love to hear your variations!  Enjoy!

With love, Debbie  

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