Fleeting Summer Days  

I blinked and now its August; it was just yesterday that March and the quarantine started.  I had all these plans. I wanted to go to Nashville for 3 days; I wanted to go to Florida for a week and visit family—obviously, those gocanceled. So, I resolved that I was just going to do a lot of activities outside, go camping, go on hikes, go swimming in the lake—big outdoor adventures. 

However, life got in the way. A lot of little things mostly related to work, and other big home projects; I blinked and it’s now August. 

I started to hear rumors about the awakening of the legendary and mighty Pumpkin Spice Latte, and stores already have their fall and Halloween decor out. While I do love fall, I did get a little sad. What happened to all the grand adventures I was supposed to do in the summer? What happened to the summer? Like seriously, where did it go? 

However, my husband made a good point, it is still fairly warm in August, and I still have time to do some of those summer activities. I just have to MAKE TIME for them.  Looking at my last 3 months, there were pockets of time where I could have gone to adventures, but instead, choose to do a project that could have waited.  

So, while the summer is fleeting, it is not done yet, the trees are still mostly green and the weather is warm. I am putting down in my schedule, days that I am kayaking, days that I am going swimming, and days I am going camping.  

Maybe you are in the same boat as me, you had all these planned vacations, parties and adventures—but things changed in March and time just flew by. However, summer is fleeting but NOT OVER, you just have to MAKE TIME.  Clear your schedule, find things that honestly can just wait, and go on at least one great big outdoor adventure with your family or weekend relaxing outside swimming, hiking, and just enjoy God’s beautiful creation. 

Make Time for a Great Summer Memory. 

Love Milo 

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