Your Words Are Like Apples

by Tonja Taylor  

God says many things about words in the Bible and even compares them to apples, as He does in Proverbs 25:11“Winsome words spoken at just the right time are as appealing as apples gilded in gold and surrounded with silver.” 

Do you like apples? I do. They are sweet, and good for you. Like all the fruits and vegetables God makes, apples are good to eat to help our bodies stay well.

That is the way our words are supposed to be. Words are very powerful food, and when they are sweet, especially when they are Scriptures from the Word of God, they help us and others stay healthy.

The LORD is the One Who helps us know what to say and what not to say, and how to say it at just the right time. Knowing what His Word says and saying it is one of the very best ways we can be sure that we are speaking sweet words that nourish others, like apples!

People like sweet things, and all of us like to hear words that make us feel good. Ask the LORD to help you speak only good, truthful words to help others know more about how much He loves them!  

That doesn’t mean that we will never speak anything someone else won’t like. The truth is meant to be convicting, and the flesh (“The flesh” is the soulish nature of man–the mind, will, and emotions.) often doesn’t like it. When we speak the Word, it will be sown in the mind of others and start growing. It will either draw them closer to the LORD, or they will try to reject it and turn away. 

What happens when you sow the Word is not your responsibility. We plant, we water, and (only) God gives the increase (I Corinthians 3:5-7).  

Sometimes, people are hurting so much that they cannot even accept your true compliment or encouragement. Don’t take it personally.  Deep down, they usually appreciate your effort, even if they don’t acknowledge it or respond properly.  

Sometimes, just a smile can do wonders, with no words! Also, we can certainly  ask the LORD for wisdom to know when to speak and when not to speak, and for just the right thing to say at just the right time, to encourage others–especially in this time of how people all over the world and nation are hurting in so many ways. 

What are some sweet words that you can speak to a friend today? Let’s pray for the LORD to help us:  Dear Father, Jesus in me is the Living Word, as John 1:1 says. He is also my Wisdom (I Cor. 1:24). I ask that You through Christ Jesus put Your words in my mouth that I may be a blessing to those whom I am around, that they would see and hear Your great love. I receive Your help and thank You for it. In Jesus’ Name, amen.  

Now, ask the LORD to show you opportunities to let Him sow sweet word-seeds through you! He will. It may not be the same day, or even the same week. But He will. You can also ask Him to make you sensitive to His timing and the people who need His words through you. If you have received Christ Jesus as your Savior and LORD, then He hears your prayers, and He will answer!  

Tonja K. Taylor is the author of many works, including THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCESS PEARL, P.O.W.E.R.* Girl! series.  


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