The Solution to Differences: Water Balloons 

Water balloons have been an integral part of our summers for many years.  I found early on that they were the key to engaging kids that don’t know each other. Give them some water balloons: instant friends!  They are the solution to all boredom with kids that do know each other.  Giggles abound. 

This week, in my attempt to handle the civil unrest in my house, I handed over several bunches of those fill-fast balloons.  As my kids filled up set after set, I realized that water balloons could be the solution to society’s ills.  When you get hit by one (even if it contains ice cold water), after you are done shrieking, you turn, grab one and throw it with a laugh.  By the end, everyone is wet, belly laughing and has positive endorphins running through their bodies.  When you are in a water balloon fight, unlike a fight of any other type, you end up laughing with your friends and your enemies. 

 I wish I could put a bucket of water balloons out on social media.  So that those that are frienemies with words right now could find the common ground of being sopping wet, cold and laughing. 

 Wondering if it would work, 

Heather Smith 


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