Understanding the Old and the New Testament

During this time of quiet in my life, due to the Quarantine (what are we on like week 7,  10, 70?). I have made time to reflect on the overarching message of the Bible.   One of the tools I use are the videos made by the Bible Project.  They have made one for every book of the Bible,  as well as video series for particular themes (God, Sabbath, Covenants, etc.).

They are like SparkNotes  (but you still need to read the source). They put a lot of perspective  and they are a powerful tool of learning. They are also  kid friendly.

I wanted to share two  of my favorites which is the overview of the Old Testament and the overview of the New Testament.



You can download the poster of their overviews, as well as Poster for all the books of the Bible for Free.


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