I’m listening.

It’s quite ironic that after I wrote about making rest a priority, all chaos reigned.  Things out of my control pressed down on all sides taking power over my time.  It’s also ironic that after several weeks of juggling, the message on Sunday was about making rest a priority.  Hmmm…Did the pastor read my blog post?  LOL.  I doubt it!  Is God maybe trying to remind me?  Probably. 

 He’s like that, isn’t he?  You can call it coincidence, or you can call it God’s Voice.  Those little things that pop up sending you a message.  Those promptings in your heart to do or not do, to say or not say.  Often called the still small voice.   

 While I like a still small voice, I’d rather get a telegram (do those exist anymore?) or text or message in the sky when God wants me to do something.  He could try a voice from Heaven, an angel showing up all glowing and telling me not to fear (did you notice that EVERY time an angel shows up, that’s the first thing they say?  They must be some frightening creatures!  No mistaking who they are!), a burning bush…on and on and on.  But if I look through Scripture, I realize that even when God’s people get all of those things, they aren’t so good at wanting to do what God wants, are they?  I mean, God shows up in a burning bush, TALKS OUT LOUD to Moses and the man replies with, “Are you sure I’m the one?  I mean, my brother is a much better option.”  God directs Gideon and he puts out a fleece, “If you really mean it, God…” not once, but twice!  Knucklehead! 

 So, when I really think about it, maybe I’m better off when my eyes aren’t open to God’s message.  When I stand before him, I can say, “Well…I really didn’t know it was you.”  I’m pretty sure Moses and Gideon can’t say that!  Hmmm…maybe I can’t either.  Maybe I really do know it is Him.  Maybe I am faced with choices to obey or not even if it is a small voice in my heart or a pastor’s message or my own words coming back to remind me.   

 OK, I’m listening.   

 And headed for a nap, 

 Heather Smith 

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