…and on the 7th day God rested. 

 He rested. 

 He didn’t need to.  He chose to.  The day of rest is part of the seven days of creation.  There were not six days; there were seven.  The actual rest is part of the work.  When God created, and said, “It is good,” the rest was part of that.  Rest is good. 

 Do we prioritize rest this way?   

 Or do we wait until our plate is so full that it breaks to take time to rest? 

 My family has been fighting colds all week and while we have successfully pushed through without missing anything, rest is what we need.  I’ve pumped us full of every kind of extra vitamin and fluid and even good-old-fashioned-real-chicken-broth, but we know that Saturday morning is coming and that is when the rest and healing will come.  The Great Sleep-In.  The extra hours we need to rest and heal. 

 They go hand-in-hand, don’t they?  Rest and healing?  In order to heal from a situation or circumstance or relationship, don’t we need rest?   

 January is full of evaluations and resolutions. On the list of Things I’m Going To Do Right This Year, can we include things we are not going to do? Words we are not going to speak? Commitments we are not going to sign up for? Time we are not going to commit because it is important enough to schedule the white space and margin into our lives? 

 Because if Rest is good enough for God, isn’t it good enough for us? 



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