If I knew it was the last time…

Have you ever rushed through something?  Hurried your kids, spouse, and friends up or out? 

I may as well raise my hand.


A friend recently stopped me in my tracks.  All she said was, “It’s been so long since I read out loud to my kids; I wonder if I had any idea that time was going to be the last time.” 


Our kids are grown, some working their way through college and some done and moving on to the next phase of their lives.  How many times when mine were little did I skip a page or two?  Or inwardly sigh at the request for just one more? If I knew then that the last time was the LAST time, wouldn’t I savor each sweet moment? 

In the non-stop groove of life, the temptation is to rush through things with our kids, spouses and friends.  Taking time to be present seems like a luxury in our jam-packed, nonstop activity-filled lives.  When my kids were in their senior year of high school, I was very aware of all the “lasts.” The last band concert, last play, last dance and took time to acknowledge and appreciate the moments because I knew they were coming.

Whether you have kids or not, most of us catch ourselves moving at a breakneck pace through our days.  How many times have you said, “Where has the time gone?  It’s almost Labor Day?  Summer is over?!”  We miss out on moments with our friends and family without even realizing it until they are gone.


So, whether you are sending your kindergartener off to school for the first time, dropping your “baby” off at college for their freshman year or just wondering where time has gone, I have a challenge for you.

STOP…breathe…be still…

Take a minute and treat the time with your loved ones as precious.  Enjoy those moments, soak them in and whether they are the last time or one of many you will have those memories to savor. 

With love, Debbie

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