Bon Appetit

Sometimes the simplest things are the most life-changing. 

 Seven years ago, I started a new routine.  Sunday after church, lunch is the Empty-the-Refrigerator-and-eat-what-you-can-find meal.  Everyone pairs their favorites of the week together to find enough sustenance to last until dinner and it doesn’t matter if it goes together.  Baked oatmeal and green beans, chicken enchilada and spaghetti, bits and pieces of bits and pieces.   

 It changed my life! 

 No longer do I hold up a piece of Tupperware wondering how long it has been in the fridge.  No longer do I throw away food I forgot I had.  No longer do I have to cook on Sunday afternoons when I’m just tired of feeding people and want a Sabbath as well!   

 It is the ultimate in Take-It-Or-Leave-It.

 Bon appetit, 

 Heather Smith  

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