Ready for spring?  Let’s clean! 

Spring has sprung- well sort of! It’s hard to tell as I look out my window at the inevitable Midwestern spring snowfall.  Grrrr!  In my heart and on my calendar it is spring which means it is time to shake out the cobwebs and conquer the clutter that the dark days of winter hid from sight.  This time of year makes me want to throw open my windows to clear out the musty, dusty winter air and bring in a fresh, clean season.  In an effort to harken spring, I’ve scoured the web for spring cleaning tips and tricks.   

Make a plan 

I am overwhelmed when I look around and think about all it will take to deep clean my house.  A great strategy is to break it down into rooms or tasks in order to turn a monumental job into manageable tasks.  This does not need to be done in one day!  It’s great to be motivated but if you burn out before you are done, the job may never get finished!  Speaking of motivation… 

Turn on some tunes 

Cleaning to your favorite music whether it is 80’s new wave or Broadway show tunes will help to keep your energy up and your motivation high.  Creating a fun atmosphere can make the drudgery of cleaning a lot more enjoyable!   

Clear out the clutter 

Why clean around things?  It is a lot easier to clean when the extra “stuff” is out of the way!  Clear off counters, thin out closets and drawers and find a place for the random treasures that are piling up on the floor.   

Assemble your supplies 

Gather the tools and supplies you need.  Vacuum, mop, dust cloths, and cleaning solutions.  You get the idea!  When enthusiasm is high, you don’t want to stop to find the right tool for the job.   

Let’s get to work!  This list and many of the tips are from

Here is a Printable version of this List

All Rooms 

  • Wipe down baseboards 
  • Clean air vents 
  • Dust blinds and windows 
  • Clean windows 
  • Vacuum and mop floors 
  • Replace HVAC/furnace filter 


  • Donate old clothes and shoes, toss or recycle what is no longer in good condition 
  • Pack up winter clothes 
  • Wash and hang up spring clothes 
  • Dust and wipe down shelves 


  • Toss outdated spices and food 
  • Defrost and clean refrigerator and freezer 
  • Clean inside and outside of cabinets and drawers 
  • Dust top of cabinets and top of the refrigerator 
  • Clean microwave 
  • Clean the oven 
  • Clean pantry shelves 


  • Dust ceiling fan 
  • Clean or replace sheets 
  • Vacuum mattress 
  • Clean and vacuum under bed 
  • Wash pillows 

Living room 

  • Dust around and behind the TV 
  • Clean fireplace 
  • Clean window treatments and furniture 
  • Wash, vacuum or replace pet beds 
  • Polish hardwood floors 


  • Throw away expired cosmetics 
  • Steam clean mirrors, countertops, sink 
  • Change shower curtain 
  • Steam clean floors and bathtub 
  • Clean in, around, and behind the toilet 
  • Unclog the drains 

Once everything is all neat and tidy, consider freshening up your accessories.  Change out pillows and throw blankets, lighten up your window coverings or add some bright color accessories.  Most importantly, sit back and enjoy your fresh, clean home!  Maybe even take this opportunity to have a get-together and share your sparkling home with friends and family.  However you decide to celebrate your success, don’t make a mess!   

Have fun and keep it clean!  Debbie 

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