New Year’s Diet

Did you abandon your New Year’s Diet yet? That’s the problem with diets: they take a lot of work, they aren’t any fun and they are hard to maintain.

Apparently, my family needs to eat every, single day. I think I would like cooking if I only had to do it a couple times a week.

Years ago, I prayed that God would give me a love for cooking. He answered with the opportunity to cook more. Cuz that’s how He rolls. Seven years ago, two members of my family ended up with food allergies to common ingredients. I’m not gonna lie: I cried more than once over dinner plans and packing lunches. Changing how you have done things, especially the things you thought were healthy for your family, is an emotional undertaking.

Over the years, I’ve read more nutrition/diet books than I’d like to admit. I’ve perused and dog-eared cookbook after cookbook. I’ve browsed blogs and pinned pins. The hard part for me is actually, physically cooking the recipes I’m inspired by. I get in the same dinner rut that everyone else does in spite of my aspirations – no matter what time of year they appear.

One thing I’ve learned from every book I’ve read and every diet I’ve heard of: eat more of what God made and less of what man made. They all want you to eat more vegetables. Even vegetarians don’t eat enough vegetables. I accepted the challenge that if I saw a vegetable at the store or market that I didn’t know what to do with, I would buy it and give it a try. Well, there have been laughs and tears to go with that challenge! As a result, I’ve decided that no one should be allowed to post something on Pinterest unless it is failproof! I had to refrain from pinning for a couple of years because it wasn’t good for my mental health. Back to the rut we go!

But even in a rut, we can make good choices, whether for health reasons or weight loss.

  • Eat another vegetable. Just one more serving a day.
  • Eat less. Top secret: use a smaller plate and you will dish less out.
  • Drink more water. Your body isn’t 98% H2O for nothing!
  • Allow yourself the freedom of a treat. Maybe pick a day or time where you indulge. Knowing you have it coming gives more self-control on a daily basis and something to look forward to.
  • Let go of the guilt. If you relapse into a “bad” choice, know that tomorrow is a new day. It doesn’t mean throwing out all your progress and going back to old ways. Enjoy it and move on.
  • another vegetable. “Wait! She already said that!” I know…we all need to be told twice. 😉

In the end, any progress is forward progress. I’ve been inspired by a few people I know that have taken a hold of their health this past year and while weight loss is a great benefit, I’ve seen them enjoy life more. They are healthier and able to participate in things they couldn’t before. It brings me joy to watch them having more joy.
So, don’t be discouraged if you’ve abandoned your New Year’s resolution. Pick it back up again! Today is a new day. If you didn’t make one (because like me, you know you don’t keep them anyway), maybe you could make one positive choice today. And again tomorrow. And again the next day…

Heather Smith

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