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How are those resolutions going?

Fully committed or not so much?  It turns out that January 12th is National Quitter’s Day, the day that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions.  Top three resolutions are diet, exercise and losing weight.  To quit so early, either those goals were completely unrealistic (I can relate!) or there was no actual commitment in the first place (Guilty!).  My husband and I started small steps toward a healthier lifestyle just after Thanksgiving. These changes were partially to navigate the holiday season’s array of temptations but mainly to start feeling less achy, fatigued, bloated and blah. 

Since we already tackled the less fun health part of the traditional resolutions and are feeling the benefits with more energy and enthusiasm, our resolution is to have more fun!  It all started with a conversation about all the cool local places and events that we have never experienced.  Other than a decade living in the Pacific Northwest, we have been Michiganders all of our lives.  In spite of this, we have managed to miss out on many of the local “must see and do” things that we would recommend to any out of town visitor. 

This is the year, it’s time to be tourists in our home town!

So where to start?  I have compiled a few tips on exploring your city.

  •  Brainstorm

What is your area known for? How many times have you said, “We should go there?” What have you always thought about doing but never made time for?  Google your city and research top ten lists for your area.  Don’t forget to ask friends for recommendations, they may even want to join you.

  • Make a list

I love lists!  Write down all your ideas and post them in a prominent location in your home.  Ours will go on the refrigerator because I will see it every day!  This will remind you of your goal and keep the enthusiasm high.  Most importantly, you can cross off the places you have visited.  Don’t tell me that’s not super satisfying!

  • Schedule it

Time gets away quickly!  January is almost over people!  Before you know it we will be decorating for Christmas.  Look at your calendar, schedule dates for your adventures.  I know you are busy, we are all busy!  We make time for what is important to us.  Plan out some fun!  You deserve it!

  • Act like a tourist

I am not suggesting that you break out the Hawaiian shirt and fanny pack.  Instead, look with fresh eyes and let go of preconceived ideas about your town.  Take a camera on your exploration, there may be unique and beautiful things that you passed a hundred times but never knew existed.  Try new restaurants, maybe a local Mom-and-Pop place or something more exotic that normally wouldn’t come up in the “Where do you want to go for dinner?” conversation.  Get out and walk if possible, we miss a lot zooming around in our cars.

I am excited for this adventure!  Not only to explore and get to know my area better, but also to hang out with one of my favorite people.  This empty nester thing just keeps getting more awesome!

Now that’s a resolution I can be fully committed to this year!

Wishing you many new adventures,


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