Happy Birthday America!!!

History is always told from the perspective of the winners. Has it ever occurred to you that if we had lost the Revolutionary War, instead of celebrating Independence Day, we would tsk, tsk, tsk at the Rebels?!? Instead of red, white and blue Jell-O, burgers and dogs, and backyard fireworks, it would be just another day.

Regardless of how messed up our country is (which seems to be the only thing we can agree upon these days), it’s still a pretty great place on this planet to live. We have a voice. We have choices. We have rights others on this earth do not. It’s still a destination that draws people from around the world…not just to vacation, but as a place to live. America still stands as a beacon of hope and a draw to those that want a new life (all immigration politics and arguments aside).

What do independence and freedom mean to you? I find it interesting that those of us that have a long history here are most likely the ones to take it for granted. My neighborhood has a diverse population. Not just black and white, but all shades of golden and brown from countries far and wide. As a result, July 4th is bright and loud on my street. We pull out lawn chairs and station ourselves at the end of our driveway so that we can see the show in every direction!

Is our faith the same way? When we are raised with the Truth of Freedom, do we take it for granted? When I talk to someone that has just found Jesus, they seem to value that freedom that submitting to Christ brings more than the “mature Christian.” They always challenge me and excite me as I see how God is transforming their lives. Oftentimes, as the newness wears off, we plateau in our relationship with God. Instead, as we go deeper in our walk with The Savior, can we keep the freshness of new faith as well?

Enjoy your Jell-O,
Heather Smith

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