Best April Fools’ Ever!

I find it interesting that Easter falls on April Fools’ day this year.  Why?  So we can wrap grapes in colored foil to trick children into thinking they are chocolate?


Because, really, the resurrection is the biggest April Fools’ Joke EVER!

Since the beginning of time, there has been back and forth on the earth between good and evil.  A fallen world leads to sickness, death and destruction.  Jesus himself said, <em>“In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! For I have overcome the world.”</em>  – John 16:33

So, every day, the trouble surrounds us.

Big trouble like earthquakes or hurricanes or fires that rage for weeks.  Big trouble like cancer or human trafficking or death.

Little trouble (that often feels like big trouble) like grocery prices going up or homework not done or cavities.

Everyday trouble like running out of milk or sitting in traffic or hitting potholes (well…here in Michigan…let’s be honest, those potholes are big trouble) or burnt toast.

But what does Jesus say?  He acknowledges the trouble in our lives, but encourages us by saying that he has overcome it.  What does that mean?  Does that mean that cancer is healed or potholes are filled?  Maybe.  Sometimes.  But really, I think it speaks of something bigger, something deeper.  You see, we often have tunnel vision.  We see only what is in front of us.  We can’t see eternity, yet we are part of eternity. We forget the whole story because we are focused on our circumstances.

I often wonder what the disciples were thinking on that Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  Over and over again, Jesus told them that he would raise again on the 3<sup>rd</sup> day and over and over again, they didn’t get it.  We have no indication that they believed he would raise himself from the dead.  Utter despair.  Their leader.  Their friend.  Gone.  Hopeless.

When I looked at the calendar to see that April 1 was Easter this year, I wondered about Satan.  What did that Saturday look like for him?  Pure jubilee!  “Sure, I didn’t succeed in tempting him in the wilderness over those 40 days, but I got Jesus this time!  WOOT!”

Then Sunday comes.  Before first light, a sealed boulder rolls back.  A dead man sits up in spite of his wounds from scourging and crucifixion.  He unwraps his burial clothes.  He sets the headwrap separate from the rest.  He nods at the angel with a smirk and a wink.  He walks out.  Changing eternity.

Take THAT Satan!  April Fools’ on you!

“And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”  – Genesis 3:15


You struck.  Yup.  But he conquered!

Your. head. is. CRUSHED.

Celebrating victory,

Heather Smith

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