I’m pissed! (can I say that?)

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I am so pissed at Satan!  There.  I said it out loud.  Well…on a keyboard anyway!  He is back to his old tricks, with a new twist on it.   

He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. – John 8:44 

I am organizing an event at my church for women and found out that someone feels she isn’t “invited.”  She feels that she doesn’t “have anything to offer other women” and that because she doesn’t (fill in the blank), therefore, this women’s event “isn’t really for me.”   

 Let me clarify.  This women’s event is not for mothers.  Not for wives.  Not for working women.  Not for SAHMs.  No.  It is for women.  If you are a woman 18 years or older, it is for you!  You don’t have to be a member of my church.  You don’t have to go to my church.  You don’t even have to be a Christian.  You just have to be a woman. (Sorry, guys!) 

So here is what I have realized.  Not only is Satan whispering lies in the ears of my friends, but he is prowling around my church whispering lies to those that need community, telling them they are not welcome.  Did I mention I’m pissed?!?  These women do not feel plugged in.  They do not feel like they belong and are being isolated by his lies.  AARGH!  (Can you see my head turning 360 degrees and the smoke coming out of my ears?) 

There he is.  Same old tricks.  New look.  Since the beginning of time, he has been whispering to women, telling them: 

You are not good enough. 

You are not beautiful enough. 

You are not smart enough. 

You are not strong enough. 

You are not valued. 

You are not wanted. 

You are not loved. 

You are alone. 

He whispered it to Eve, “Don’t you want to be like God?  You know He didn’t make you good enough, so if you take of the fruit he has forbidden you, you will be able to measure up.”  

He whispered it to Sarah, “That promise wasn’t for you.  It was for Abraham.  You are holding him back.  It’s so selfish of you to think you are the one that will bear the promised seed.  Maybe you should do something else about it.” 

He whispered it to Hagar, “You aren’t wanted.  You are second best.  You are only good for what you provided, but you have no value now that Ishmael is born.” 

He whispered it to Ruth, “You are just a foreigner.  You don’t deserve happiness.  You don’t deserve Boaz. There is no place for you in God’s family.” 

He whispered it to Esther, “Are you kidding?  You aren’t clever enough to pull off this plan!  He is going to kill you when you walk in that throneroom!” 

He even whispered it to Mary, “Are you SURE that was an angel you saw?  What makes you better than any other woman?  Will Joseph really marry you?  What will your family say?” 

Each of these women had a choice:  to believe the lies or fight hard against them.  As I look at the women around me on a Sunday morning, I wonder what lies he is whispering to them.  Somehow, in church culture, we’ve developed this underlying view that as a woman you don’t have value unless you are living that White Picket Fence Life. Satan takes the mistakes the Church has made over the years and still whispers the lies that a woman is not truly accepted in the Church unless she fits the ideal Proverbs 31 woman.  Even if it is not true anymore. 

  • I don’t have a man.  I don’t really belong. 
  • I don’t have children.  I am a failure. 
  • My children are grown.  I don’t have real purpose anymore. 
  • I work full time, so I can’t really engage in ministry. I can’t have community there. 
  • I am juggling a part time job with a crazy schedule.  Instead of being late, I just won’t go. 
  • I just stay at home with my kids.  I don’t really have worth. 
  • I don’t have a fancy title to hang my hat on anymore.  Who am I anyway? 
  • I’m too young.  I can’t contribute. 
  • I’m too old.  My time is past. 
  • I don’t belong.  So, I isolate myself further. 
  • I’m alone.  I don’t have anyone I can lean on to help me. 
  • I grew up in the church.  I don’t have a great story, so it isn’t worth sharing. 
  • My prior life is nothing to be proud of!  I need to hide it and put my mask on so that others will accept me. 

I’ve heard some of these lies myself.  I’ve fought them!  In the last several months, I’ve heard them from the mouths of those around me.  Join with me, sisters!!!  Join me in speaking Life to the women around us.  Open your ears to hear the lies coming from the mouths of women that believe them.   

Tell them they are loved, valued, enough!   

 Join me in the fight against the lies! Reach out and invite someone.  Invite her into your circle.  Invite her into your life.

 Fight back against the lies!

With a heart broken for the hurting,



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Christian Blog, Proverbs 31, Christian Women, Christian Blog, Proverbs 31, Christian Women

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  1. Heather Smith Sheri Bretz says:

    You are a beautiful daughter in Christ! I am blessed to call you friend and so many others! I am looking for more friends!

  2. Heather Smith Jessica Thomas says:

    Lovely article, Heather!

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