Wonder Woman only has 24 hr

It seems that the woman described in Proverbs 31 has an infinite amount of time; however, she is restricted to same 24 hours that we are. Some might make the argument that she had servants, but we have technology (you won’t believe how much time you can save by turning on a water faucet, instead of walking to the water well). However, a very important skill that the Proverbs 31 woman has is time management.

There are many ways to manage your time; I don’t want to give tips, because in reality everyone is different.  However, I would like to share different pins from Pinterest’s that I found very useful, I hope they will help you develop your time management skills:

8 Secret to Mastering time Management:  http://pin.it/AbbP_1j

10 Essential Ways to Plan a Successful Day: http://pin.it/eJMovGc

How to prioritize your to do list: http://pin.it/Fn3YIyd

20 Tips for Better Time Management: http://pin.it/pB8IwRs

Home Making Schedule: http://pin.it/Bgwn3pP

Early Birds & Night Owls:  http://pin.it/SWb-PC_

Time Block Management: http://pin.it/DNTjXK7

12 Time Wasters: http://pin.it/netNdXe

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