Scripture Challenge:

  1. Read Ruth (yes, the whole thing)
  2. Re-Read Ruth 3:11.
  3. Then Read Proverbs 12:4 & Proverbs 10:31. What word do these scriptures use to describe the women?
  4. Let’s look at the Hebrew Writing of each (If you have a hard time reading the picture then feel free to click on the link to look at the original source):

Ruth 3:11-

Ruth 311.png

Proverbs 12:4-


Proverbs 31:10- 3110


What do you think it means to be “ashth chil (think about Ruth)? Why is it important to be an ashth chil?


Father, thank you for your guidance and your blessings. We ask you that you help us become an ashth chil .  It is not easy father; however, we are confident that the Holy Spirit will guide us in our journey. Like Ruth, we ask you that our words, thoughts, and actions will be out of love, courage, and strength; but more importantly let them bring You glory and praise. We ask you this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. 

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